CW 561

Pedro Javier del Cid, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen
Adaptable resource management for WSNs


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are currently being deployed in an application specific manner. We believe that with the purpose of exploiting the full potential of these networks and to maximize the return on investment they can represent for the business industry, we must now think in terms of a lightweight highly distributed and mobile service platform. Although application specific solutions that address resource management are effectively being used, we believe current work in resource management is lacking the appropriate mechanisms to support "the service platform" approach. More resource management support is needed to ease application development for this more dynamic approach to deploy WSN applications. In this context: multiple concurrent applications and dynamically changing business requirements will require a more dynamic way to allocate services. Resource management solutions need to be able to manage requests for service from local or external concurrent applications and adapt to changing business requirements and system conditions. In this paper we contribute by outlining the key requirements resource management solutions need to address in order to provide support for these approaches. We discuss and review to what extent current state of the art addresses them and finally we present a conceptual architecture that will allow application developers to more easily realize these dynamic approaches.

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